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Genesis review

I have been battling rosacea for several years! I tried every prescription cream and antibiotic available with little success and spent hundred of dollars on different products hoping to find some miracle in a bottle that would help my rosacea. Nothing seemed to work! Then one day I read an article about Genesis laser being beneficial with the treatment of rosacea . I decided to make a commitment to 6 treatments at Lumina . Kellie was the first one who gave me hope and told me to hang in there and that it takes a few treatments to see results . To be honest , I was discouraged at first. I remember after my 4th treatment not seeing any differences. I still was red and I still flushed every day. I was going to give up at that point , but I decided to finish my six treatments . Well, I can say that I am glad that I did. After my sixth treatment , a miracle happened ! My skin started to look less red and I stopped flushing as much . The burning sensations began to go away and for the first time in years I could wear products on my skin without irritation or breaking out ! I continued for several more treatments until my rosacea was under control and now I return for maintenance treatments . The Genesis laser has been life changing for me ! My rosacea is under control and my skin has improved in color and texture . I have not had a flare up of rosacea in over a year! I am so thankful to Kellie and the staff at Lumina for all their support and encouragement . Genesis has been the best treatment I have ever done for myself! Anonymous ~

From the moment I stepped into the office of Nancy Carlson, I felt very comfortable. The waiting area is soothing and relaxing and the people who greet you are very friendly and helpful. Nancy greeted me with a smile and took her time listening to me explain the reason for my visit. She was relaxed herself which made me relax as well. She explained my options in detail which is something I really like in a doctor. I left feeling confident that I had found someone I could trust to do what she said she could do--and she did! B – Colchester, VT

One Stop Shopping
Lumina is literally "one stop shopping" for a woman's health and beauty maintenance program. Dr. Carlson alleviated my dense perimenopausal bleeding with surgery, and counsels me quarterly about change-of-life challenges. Lori Barlow keeps my skin glowing each month with microdermabrasion, smart advice, and lots of TLC. The staff is welcoming and discreet. Lumina is truly a beautiful haven for women struggling through the menopause phase of life! K. Williston, VT

" happy with how everything came out and can hardly believe how relatively painless it was to fix a problem I have had for so long. I really can't thank you enough for the nice work. I'm not panicked by the idea of buying clothes any more."

Facial Redness
"In my 30’s I developed facial redness and broken capillaries. It was getting worse every year. When I turned 40 I decided to do something about it. I went to a Dermatologist and was treated with a topical medication. This procedure inflamed my face and I actually looked worse. I saw an ad for Dr. Carlson and the Laser Genesis treatments she offers, and after only 4 Laser treatments my face was definitely better and by the 5th treatment the broken capillaries were gone. I feel pretty and more confident and I never have to use facial foundation anymore! Yes it’s going to cost you, but it’s less expensive than plastic surgery and it’s not painful. I only wish that I had done this 10 years ago!!"

Hair Removal
"Having unwanted hair can be an incredible burden on one’s self esteem. The way we feel about our bodies adds to the sense of loss of attractiveness. Hair removal is one of the simplest ways to combat those feelings. For the last 10 years I have tried everything to remove my very dark hair from my upper lip and underarms. I tried waxing and electrolysis but I found them to be expensive, time consuming, and painful. During my electrolysis procedures my underarms would bleed, and since it was so painful I could only tolerate small patches at a time, which meant many return visits. Then I found Dr. Carlson. There is no comparison between laser hair removal and electrolysis. Dr. Fisher provided great results. First, she is a female physician; second, she performs all of your laser treatments in a professional doctor’s office: and third it was very private. This was a simple solution that was not painful and for me has shown the most effective and permanent results. I’m 49 and my only regret is that I did not do this when I was much younger."

"I have dark facial hair and after 7 quick laser hair removal treatments with Dr Carlson I am very happy with my new appearance. I’ve told all of my family and friends that if you have unwanted hair anywhere on your body then you should call Dr Carlson. I personally found that the laser was relatively painless and for me, it really worked!!"

"I was becoming so overwhelmed with having to shave my legs two or three times a week that I decided to do some internet searching on laser hair removal. That is where I found Dr. Nancy Carlson, located in South Burlington. It was close to home so making appointments was easy and not after only 5 treatments I am happy to save that I no longer shave. Thank you so much."

Vein Removal
"I had a vein on the back of my leg that was the size of a quarter. People would ask me how I bruised my leg. I saw an ad for Dr Carlson’s laser vein removal…great news… after just one visit, the vein lightened and over a short time totally disappeared! Poof… gone!! The Laser is like magic!! I recommend a visit to de-mystify the mystery behind the laser for anyone who has spider veins. Dr Carlson’s treatment made my legs look much younger! Try it … you’re gonna love it!!"

"I am so happy with the results that I am getting with the amazing work from Dr. Carlson. I feel very taken care of. Dr. Carlson has created the most amazing package just for me and my needs. Time was taken to assess what was best to do - Titan for sagging face skin and jowls, and then IPL and Genis for more surface area problems. A fantastic combo designed for me! Coming in for treatments is such a pleasure - in part because Dr. Carlson is both professional and personable. The costs have been very low compared to the research I have done on the internet for comparatable treatments. And my face is SO much better and younger looking. I get comments all the time on how good I look - which is saying something at my age! I am very very satisfied and grateful. Thank you Dr. Carlson."


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