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Laser Genesis

What is Laser Genesis?
Laser Genesis is a procedure that uses laser technology to safely treat and remove scars, redness, large pores and fine line wrinkles. It is a comfortable and non-invasive treatment without side effects like bruising, peeling, and skin irritation. You can expect to see subtle and progressive results after each treatment.

What areas can be treated?
Laser Genesis can be used to treat your face and neck as well as scars on other parts of your body.

What does the procedure feel like?
You will feel a gentle warming of your skin as the laser hand piece is moved back and forth about ½ inch above your skin. Patients describe the procedure as relaxing and therapeutic. You can expect to return to normal activities immediately utilizing sunscreen if going outdoors.

How does Laser genesis work?
The laser gently heats the upper layer of your skin. This stimulates collagen re-growth in the upper dermis. Additionally, redness is reduced when the dilated capillaries (small blood vessels) are heated.

How many treatments will I need?
On average, you will need 4-6 treatments to achieve the desired results. Over the course of these treatments you will notice a subtle progression toward even, smooth and healthy appearing skin as changes caused by aging, sun damage and scars are diminished. The overall effect of multiple treatments can be quite dramatic. Every patient’s needs and conditions vary. More information regarding the number of treatments and expected results will be provided at your consultation. Treatments are usually 2-4 weeks apart.

What are the possible side effects?
Although most patients report few if any side effects, the most common is a slight redness that disappears within a few hours of treatment.

How do I prepare for a treatment?
Before the Laser Genesis treatment, you will be asked to remove all make-up and moisturizers. No gel, topical anesthetic or ice is required.

Laser Genesis Before & After Examples

Photo courtesy of: Bruce Russel, MD

Before and After
Photo courtesy of: David M. Verebelyi, MD

Before and After
Photo courtesy of: David Goldberg, MD



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