Comprehensive Gynecologic Services

Annual Exams
Dr. Carlson provides annual gynecologic exams for women of all ages. She recommends the following guidelines:

Breast Cancer Screening Early detection of breast cancer has been shown to decrease the chance of dying from breast cancer. A women’s lifetime risk of developing breast cancer (based on a lifespan of 80 years) is 12.5%. Women aged 40-49 should have a mammogram every 1-2 years and women over 50 should have one yearly. Monthly self examination and a breast exam annually by a physician is also an important component of early detection.
Cervical Cancer Screening
Health care providers screen for cervical cancer by performing a Pap test. This test uses a brush to remove cells from the surface of the cervix. Women should begin cervical cancer screening within three years of becoming sexually active. Risk factors for cervical cancer include smoking, exposure to HPV (human papillomavirus), multiple sexual partners, exposure to DES, and HIV. The frequency of cervical cancer screening should be discussed with your health care provider. Annual gynecologic exams (breast exam and pelvic exam) should be performed annually regardless of a woman’s need for a Pap test.
Colon Cancer Screening
All women should have a baseline colonoscopy when they turn fifty to screen for colon cancer and precancerous polyps. The frequency of screening after the baseline exam is determined by the results of the first screening test. Some women with a family history of colon cancer may undergo a colonoscopy before the age of 50 and have more frequent screening tests than women without a family history.
Cholesterol Screening
Heart disease is the number one cause of death in women. All women should have their cholesterol checked starting at the age of 20 and then at least every 5 years. If the results of any of the screening tests are borderline or high risk, more frequent screening should be recommended. Also, women with a family history of heart disease should be screened at closer intervals. In addition, women over 55 should be screened more frequently (every one to two years) even if they do not have a family history of heart disease.

Surgical Procedures
Dr. Carlson performs minor out patient gynecologic surgical procedures including dilatation and curettage (D&C), hysteroscopy, LEEP, cone biopsy, labial revisions, and perineum revisions. She performs all surgical procedures at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vermont.

Menopause Counseling
Dr. Carlson offers extensive options for the evaluation and treatment of menopause. She thoroughly evaluates all aspects of menopause including physical, psychological and laboratory components. Treatment options include life stlye changes, alternative treatment options, and hormone replacement therapy both traditional and bioidentical.

Contraceptive Management

Dr. Carlson offers a complete array of contraceptive choices from natural family planning, to hormonal options (pills, injections, patches, vaginal rings), barrier methods (diaphragm fitting) and the insertion of IUDs.

Infertility Evaluation
Dr. Carlson provides initial infertility evaluations which include a thorough history, physical and laboratory evaluation. Dr. Carlson performs hystersalpingograms (HSG) to assess the endometrial cavity and evaluate tubal patency. She prescribes medicaton to treat ovulatory disorders. Dr. Carlson refers all patients that require assisted reproductive techniques, such as in vitro ferilization, to infertility specialists.

Pelvic Pain Evaluation and Treatment
Dr. Carlson provides a complete pelvic pain evaluation including symptom history, physical examination, ultrasound,and laboratory tests. This initial and comprehensive evaluation expedites the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain. Treatment modalities include counseling, behavior modification, medication, and if necessary diagnostic and therapeutic surgical procedures.

Abnormal PAP tests

Dr. Carlson evaluates and treats abnormal PAP. She provides counseling and treatment for human papilloma virus (HPV) infections including the HPV vaccine. Dr. Carlson offers both colposcopy and LEEP procedures in her office.

Genetic Testing
Dr. Carlson offers genetic testing for BRCA 1 and BRAC2 and Lynch Syndrome. Women with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer are counseled about the possibility of a genetic link and testing for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene. Women with a family history of colon and uterine cancer may be eligible for testing for Lynch Syndrome. Both tests are blood tests which a drawn in the office setting and sent to a special lab where the blood tests are done.


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